Why Choose CHI Monitoring?

Reasons Why an Offender Would Use CHI’s Services


Not all offenders offered alternative sentencing qualify for Probation Department house arrest. Not all offenders can afford the time or are healthy enough for work program. And spending weekends away from their loved ones, also may not work for many offenders.

CHI Monitoring bridges the gap for these offenders by offering GPS house arrest services for most offenders.


The following reasons are why you may not qualify for Probation Department house arrest, yet CHI can accommodate you:


1. House Arrest for an Out of County Resident

Many Probation Departments will only monitor in your county of residence. If you currently reside in another county or state or are planning on moving out of the county, you will need to use a private company. In these economic times, few Probation Departments are accepting those sentenced outside of their county. CHI Monitoring can service offenders all over California and the United States.


2. You do not have the required days necessary for Alternative Sentencing

Many Probation Departments want you to have a minimum and maximum number of days to utilize their house arrest services. For example, El Dorado County will only accept an offender with 20 days up to 180 days. With CHI Monitoring, there is no minimum or maximum number of days.


3. You are Considered a Medium to High Risk Offender

If a candidate has criminal indiscretions in the past or is currently being sentenced for a crime of a higher magnitude, he/she will not qualify for most Probation Departments.

For example, the following disqualifies a candidate from El Dorado County:

Current or prior felony convictions listed in Sections 667.5 PC or 1192.7(c) PC

Current felony and misdemeanor convictions of Section 273.5 PC

Prior or current felony sexual offense convictions

Current felony D.U.I. convictions.


4. You have a Unique Job Environment

Your job could make it difficult for a Probation Department to monitor you. Because CHI uses a GPS ankle bracelet, we are able to monitor you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.






If you have a client or you are the offender who matches up with one or more of the above, the best option is to request CHI Monitoring during sentencing rather than wait until you have been denied by Probation. If you have been denied by Probation, you will need to go to court after the denial, and some judges will not accept a private company if you have been denied by a Probation Department.


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