CHI Monitoring was established in 2007 to assist local courts with alternative sentencing. As many out of county offender and those with alcohol addictions were not able to receive the full assistance of some local counties, CHI Monitoring was established to fill the void. Since it’s

humble beginnings CHI Monitoring has been instrumental in helping 1000’s of clients in and around the state to serve their sentences while maintaining employment, helping their children in school, and contributing in a meaningful way in society.


CHI Monitoring is able to help clients with tailor made scheduling and easily understood program policies. We pride ourselves on providing honest reports and assessments to the court. We aren’t quick to accuse and always ensure we aren’t mistaken on any issue. Although we do not pretend that every client passes our program, we do try and make the program doable for any and all clients.


Although we primarily help those in the Northern California region we have been able to assist clients around the state. By always having the top of the line products and strong client and court relations, CHI ensures it is at the pinnacle of the alternative sentencing arena.



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