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SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is a tool that helps courts and agencies continuously monitor their alcohol offenders to ensure they’re not drinking. Because SCRAM continuously monitors offenders – as often as every half hour around the clock – it is a much more effective and reliable alternative to random testing methods or incarceration. SCRAM is more than a continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) product – it is s a complete program that provides significant benefits to courts, probation, and other supervising entities – as well as to the offenders themselves. Over the years, we have heard stories from many offenders whose lives changed dramatically as a result of wearing SCRAM, as they now had the opportunity to get – and stay – sober, reconnect with their families, hold jobs, and become productive members of the community. SCRAM offers significant advantages to the courts and supervising agencies that use them, as well as to the offenders themselves. Sobriety Monitor - SCRAM


Some of the key benefits of SCRAM include:

      * Continuous alcohol monitoring

      * Increased offender accountability

      * Scientifically-proven technology

      * Court acceptance

      * Flexible, exception-based reporting

      * Non-invasive automated testing

      * Evidence-based assessment and detection

      * Improved outcomes

      * Cost effectiveness


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

While blood and breath tests only measure sobriety at a specific point in time, SCRAM samples the offender’s sweat as often as every half hour. This gives you complete 24/7 coverage, rather than just a snapshot look at when your offenders are on their best behavior.


Increased Offender Accountability

Since SCRAM gives you complete, around-the-clock data on whether or not your offenders are consuming alcohol, they can’t drink around testing schedules or lie about their actions. In fact, SCRAM makes it very difficult for them to consume alcohol or tamper with the device without being caught. It’s all there in black and white – and your offenders know that you know what they’re doing every hour of the day. Scientifically-Proven Technology


Scientifically-Proven Technology

SCRAM is based on scientifically-proven continuous trans dermal alcohol monitoring technology, which is the result of more than 70 years of research and 22 peer-reviewed studies. Some of these studies include those conducted by the:

      * Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

      * University of Colorado Health Science Center

      * Michigan Department of Corrections

      * Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center


If the offender has been drinking, SCRAM will detect varying levels of ethanol to qualitatively determine alcohol consumption – showing whether the offender has consumed a small, moderate, or substantial amount of alcohol.


Court Acceptance

Continuous trans dermal alcohol monitoring technology (the basis of SCRAM) has been accepted in evidentiary hearings across the country, with most resulting in favorable Frye or Daubert rulings. AMS has an excellent track record of defending SCRAM in numerous court cases, and the vast majority of judges hearing cases involving SCRAM have recognized that the device is accurate, reliable, and generally accepted.


Flexible Reporting

SCRAM’s flexible reporting functionality lets you specify how you want to receive information on each monitored offender – from full historical data to exception-based reporting. Either way, you receive the data you need on who offended, when they offended, and the level of alcohol they consumed.


Non-Invasive, Automated Testing

Because SCRAM’s testing process is automated, it requires no labor on your part or appointments to administer tests. Once it’s installed on the offender’s ankle, it does all the work for you. For probation or courts juggling huge caseloads, SCRAM is an incredibly effective way to manage hundreds of offenders right from your desk. And from an offender standpoint, SCRAM is physically non-invasive and is minimally disruptive on daily activities.


Evidence-Based Assessment and Detection

SCRAM is an effective assessment tool that lets you better gauge offender drinking patterns and evaluate addiction levels to tailor individualized treatment programs. The SCRAM bracelet can conclusively distinguish between ingested and environmental alcohol. This is key to courts because if the product could’t ascertain whether the offender drank or came into contact with an environmental alcohol source (like lotions, etc.), then judges would not be able to make evidence-based decisions.


Improved Outcomes

By having an effective deterrent like SCRAM, your offenders will have the opportunity to finally get – and stay – sober. Combining that with treatment gives them the best chance for long-term change, and allows them to maintain family obligations, hold jobs, and contribute positively to the community.


Over the years that AMS has provided SCRAM, we have heard numerous first-hand accounts of offenders who have gotten sober for the first time in years, received the treatment or assistance they needed, and have been successful in maintaining alcohol-free lives – all because they were ordered by the court to wear SCRAM. We are very proud that SCRAM has made such a profound difference in so many lives, families, and communities across the country, and are committed to helping even more alcohol-dependant people receive a second chance at a new life.


      * Helps protect the community and promote safer roads

      * Helps lower recidivism

      * Provides better responses to treatment when combined with SCRAM

      * Lets offenders maintain family obligations, hold jobs, and contribute positively to the community


Cost Effective, Automate Testing

Trans dermal testing has a low cost per test, so multiple tests can be administered for the same cost as one blood or breath test. Using SCRAM also costs significantly less than incarceration or home arrest systems that incorporate alcohol monitoring.


      * Offers a low cost per test

      * Costs significantly less than incarceration or home arrest systems

      * Requires no labor after installation or appointments to administer tests

      * Is physically non-invasive and minimally disruptive on the offender’s daily activities



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